So Slime – Slimelicious 3 pack

About 2 years ago or so, many older kids and young teens caught onto a slime craze. This craze seems to have stemmed from you tube videos showing our youngsters how to make and various… View Post

Slime Boutique London

Do your kids love slime? My girls are obsessed with the stuff. I’m not a huge fan myself, sloppy and messy stuff just doesn’t tick my boxes. All the shops seem to sell the stuff… View Post

Glam Goo slime confetti pack

It seems young girls everywhere are going slime making crazy, and my daughter is no exception. To be honest I hate the stuff, and especially the home made stuff with chemicals. This Glam Goo pack… View Post

Gel-a-Peel slime jars

Yes it’s another Gel-a-Peel post, only this time it’s a little bit different. This time it involves slime too. Yuk!! I detest the stuff but it seems my ten year old is obsessed with it… View Post

Glam Goo – safe slime made fashionable

Are your kids obsessed with the slime craze? Spending hours viewing you tube videos on how to make the stuff? Or using up all your precious toiletries and household products? Then you are not alone… View Post

Spooky baths and snowballs in September??Β 

There’s been something rather strange going on in our house recently! The bath water has been turning into spooky goo and slime with eerie crackle and popping sounds. Not only that but we’ve also had… View Post

Back to School: GoGoPo

GoGoPo is a range of funky stationery from Keycraft brands. The stationery is sold in Smyths, Ocado, Amazon and selected toy & stationery retailers. It looks vibrant, modern  and even a little fruity.    Funky… View Post

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