Gel-a-Peel slime jars

Yes it’s another Gel-a-Peel post, only this time it’s a little bit different. This time it involves slime too. Yuk!! I detest the stuff but it seems my ten year old is obsessed with it and it doesn’t seem to be going away just yet.

Well the lovely people over at Gel-a-Peel HQ, sent us over the sparkly package above. Containing a gel-a-peel pack, sparkly stickers and two jars full of Pom poms and other glittery stuff.

The jars are for the ready made slime to go in which could then be decorated with the craft bits and gel-a-peel.

Jordanna wanted her friend to sleep over giving the perfect opportunity to create the slime jars. And here is one of the jars.

The gel-a-peel acted like a colourful glue in this case, sticking the Pom poms to the jar and also decorating the top. Jordanna can now keep her awful slime out of my sight, securely in her decorated jar.

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