Like many other businesses, my fees are subject to change.

I do not work for free

I may be able to reduce fees for bulk orders. I am fully aware that buying links etc goes agains google webmaster guidelines. Therefore I am not charging you to buy the link but for my time, and editing.

2023 fees

  • Pre written guest content – Β£55
  • Link insert in existing article – Β£35
  • Write my own content – Β£85
  • Advertising – contact me for details
  • Article edit (your own submitted work) – Β£20
  • Article removal – Β£15
  • Product review – please contact me

Payments must be made within 14 days unless otherwise agreed. I accept PayPal and bank transfer and always send invoices.

Non Payment

If you do not pay within the agreed time period, I will send up to three reminders. If after this, payment remains outstanding , then the agreed article/link etc will be removed and you will remain liable for extra costs. Your name and email and any other associated details will then be placed on various social network pages, where you will be named as a scammer and fraudster to protect other bloggers.

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