Spooky baths and snowballs in September??Β 

There’s been something rather strange going on in our house recently! The bath water has been turning into spooky goo and slime with eerie crackle and popping sounds. Not only that but we’ve also had snow in the garden and even a few snowballs thrown. So how can this be? Yes the weather in Britain is rather perculiar at the best of times, but we haven’t had any real snowfall this year have we??? Well no, not exactly, but our house did get hit with this stuff. 

This is snow in Summer, Spring, Autumn or whenever your missing the wretched cold real stuff. It looks like the real thing too, and even feels cold like the stuff. Personally I don’t like it, but it’s not me making it or playing with it so my opinion on this doesn’t really count for much. 


It doesn’t arrive like this. It’s white powdered stuff in packets and it just needs mixing with water. I strongly advise to send kids outside to mix and play with this stuff because just like snow it turns to that awful slippery sludge stuff eventually. 

Our real looking “SnoBall battlepack” is made by Zimpli kids. They are also responsible for my bath looking like something from a bubbling cauldron.


Yes that’s my kids bath water. It isn’t just green either, as it also turned to blue goo as well and started to hiss, pop and crackle away! 

Zimpli kids also have lots of fun and a little spookyish bath products that turn the bath into a goo or slime pit. These products come in packets of powder and all have their own simple instructions to follow

. Again this is not something I would want to use myself, it baffles me as to why my children were so eager to sit in a bath of slime but there you go, kids love this stuff. 

The Crackle Baff is not too bad. It doesn’t really change the water colour, just makes the water fizz with a few crackles; a bit like pouring popping candy on your tongue. The slime baff & Geli baff both change the colour and consistency of the water. The more that gets put in, the slimier and deeper colour it goes. My children could actually see the slime on their hands. It’s easily washed off, and easily rinsed away out of the bath.  
 There are a few other choices of strange packets that change the bath water. The packets seem to give between 3-5 lots depending on how much gets used in one go. A selection of Zimpli products is sold at The Entertainer toy store for Β£5.00 per pack. 

I think some of the “Baff” products would be great for Halloween both for baths and general slime/goo making. The “Sno” for Christmas time as we very rarely see enough of the real thing. 

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