Back to School: GoGoPo

GoGoPo is a range of funky stationery from Keycraft brands. The stationery is sold in Smyths, Ocado, Amazon and selected toy & stationery retailers. It looks vibrant, modern  and even a little fruity. 


Funky rulers that work like snap bands and cute fluffy balls that attach to bags and keys.

 Pens that resemble people that double up as a real working pen and a tablet pen. 


And the very colourful long pen is like something I had when I was younger, and you all know how much I love my nostalgic items! It’s 12 crayons in one, they all snap off and click back on and can be jiggled around in any order to make one big line of crayons. 

 This has to be the most bizarre set of highlighters I have seen. It’s shaped like a flower and I did have to wonder what it was on first glance. I actually thought it was a big sharpener at first. 
It’s five highlighters in one, each with their own lid. It looks a but complex but it’s actually really easy to hold and use. I love the cute little notepad too and all the pink colours that this stationery has. 
They do of course have other bright colours too. 

 And then! There is this! Oh dear.

It’s a goo band meaning slime! Yuk I hate the stuff and I can’t understand why my 10 year old daughter and her friends like it so much. But at least this stuff is in its own container and ready made, therefore not in my cups/bowls and not with my shampoo or face cream (yes really). It comes with a rubber band too, I have no clue as to what the idea of the band and slime together is but I have a feeling many kids will; for some very peculiar reason, love these. 

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