So Slime – Slimelicious 3 pack

About 2 years ago or so, many older kids and young teens caught onto a slime craze. This craze seems to have stemmed from you tube videos showing our youngsters how to make and various recipes for the horrible stuff. Yes as you can tell, I’m not a fan of it. But of course my two girls for some strange reason love the stuff.

I have stopped Jordanna (now 12) from making her own. I found the stuff she was using just wasn’t safe and would often give her headaches or bring her skin out in a rash. Luckily there are plenty of shop bought kits available of which she has tried a few.

We found the “So Slime” brand to be a good choice so far. It’s not too expensive, there is a lot of choice with many different kits and the most important factor being it’s safe, no nasty fumes or irritants. And it just so happens that we have recently been sent another kit to play with.

This is still a diy kit, meaning the slime isn’t pre made. Each one of these snack themed pots contains powder. This powder then gets mixed with water, the pots then need shaking and the slime is created. You can even add various bits and pieces of decoration too, think glitter and things like that.

These little pots are so cute, I’m assuming there is some sort of cinema theme going on here. The slime smells good too, just like grape soda, popcorn and a hint of a fruity ice cream perhaps.

It’s also really bright and colourful and I guess it’s fun if you’re a fan of the dreaded stuff. It’s also not as messy as the rubbish Jordanna used to make herself.

For Β£10 (approximately) a kit it’s not too bad a price to pay for school holiday entertainment. Available in most toy shops and shops/supermarkets that sell toys.

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