Glam Goo – safe slime made fashionable

Are your kids obsessed with the slime craze? Spending hours viewing you tube videos on how to make the stuff? Or using up all your precious toiletries and household products? Then you are not alone because my ten year old rarely does anything else other than the slime. Unfortunately for her, the slime made her feel a little unwell a few weeks back. After making a lot of the dreaded stuff, her head started to hurt and she felt nauseous, she’s also had a few mild rashes on her hands which I can only put down to the slime production.
As you may have guessed, I’m not a fan at all; in fact I hate the bloody stuff. I think it’s unsafe and very messy, especially when she gets dye or bits of dried slime on her clothes.
I hate the home made stuff, so I don’t mind buying her the ready made stuff from shops or even kits like this one.

This is Glam Goo, it’s slime just like the dreaded home stuff, but it’s much safer and gentler, or it obviously would not be sold to children if it wasn’t. Glam Goo have a few different kits with this one being a delux pack. It seems to be all about glamming up the slime (if that’s possible!) and making it more colourful and glittery.

Box contents – well there is the big perfume bottle shaped bag to begin with which is what the slime gets kept in, then the slime itself which is clear to begin with. A ring, mixer pot and a few pots of glitter and dye too. Of course you can add your own extra bits too.

And well, there you go, that face says it all about Happy she is to be back playing with the dreaded stuff once again. She didn’t need any help with this or to be told what to do. She loves it so much that she even asked me to do a live post for her.

Just look at those smiles. How that gooey stuff can make a child so half is totally beyond me. But there she is, squishing and squashing and dying the stuff without a care in the world. It eventually looks something like this.

All pretty and sparkly. It then goes in the bag compartments or in the ring accessory and girls carry the bag around like a fashion accessory wherever they go, be it a friends, relatives, even a trip away. As the slime is in the bag, it’s cleverly disguised to just look pretty meaning Jordanna can always have her precious slime with her wherever she goes. I think she misses the stuff at school.

Argos are just one seller of the Glam Goo kits with this delux kit selling for Β£29.99. As I said above I detest the stuff but it’s well worth it to see that happy face, and she spends hours messing with the stuff, so well worth it for slime fans.

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  1. January 22, 2018 / 15:47

    My girl is obsessed with watching videos about slime….We haven’t tried making her any yet.
    This looks like a fab set. Just look at your girls face. She looks so happy x

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