Glam Goo slime confetti pack

It seems young girls everywhere are going slime making crazy, and my daughter is no exception. To be honest I hate the stuff, and especially the home made stuff with chemicals.

This Glam Goo pack is the part of the whole project Mc2 range, of which we have been fans of for years.

And inside the box – well it doesn’t really look that much at all really!

So there’s a few little pots of stuff, a bow bracelet thing, which I assumed the slime went in. The glitter obviously mixes in too. Then there is a strange rabbit thing, unsure what exactly that’s for, and the small bottle of clear substance? Hmm!

The pink tub contains the slime and the small bottle is (I’m told) slime scent activator which makes it more like slime supposedly.

As Jordanna is the one playing with this stuff, it’s only fair to add her opinion and not just mine. Jordanna is 10 years old and says “The slime isn’t like slime but feels more like a stress ball or like putty”

Well I didn’t touch the stuff myself but I did notice a rather pleasant scent to it. The little pots contain coloured shimmer and you get a leaflet giving all sorts of different coloured combos to put inside the bow.

Jordanna did state she preferred the slime she makes to this set, but was happy to use it for a short time. It does cost over Β£20 just for this small set. I think this is really overpriced considering what’s in the box. It would be much much cheaper to simply buy all the bits separately and it’s not something that I would personally consider paying out for.

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