Do you Really know your Family?

If you want a fun family game that everyone can join in this Christmas then I highly recommend this one from ASM games.

As a family we do try to play a lot of games, if anything to keep kids off their devices. This one certainly seems to stand out above the rest. It’s a very easy and simple game. There is no board, no dice, no counters or small playing parts, it’s just cards and lots of them.

It’s a game that helps family members to get to know each other a little better. It can also be played with friends too.

It needs a minimum of 3 players with a recommendation of up to 8. Therefore good for those family Christmas gatherings.

Playing is so easy, each player takes turns and takes a card on there go. There are two types of cards – Blue trivia and Yellow challenge. There are more blue than yellow. If a player picks a trivia card there will be a question related to the player (for example – What is my least favourite household chore?) the player has to think of an answer and then asks the question. The first player to guess wins the card. If it’s difficult then the player can give hints until the card is won. If a challenge card is drawn the player reads out the challenge, the first to complete the challenge wins the card. The winner of the game is the first to win 15 cards. You can of course tweak this so it’s less or more cards to be won.

It’s good to try and guess and even find out a few things about family or friends that you never knew. The challenges are also fun, although some are a little silly too. We got one that said to smell all the other players feet and say which was the smelliest, but most aren’t that bad.

This game is available in stores and online. Prices seem to vary between £9-£20.

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