Slime Boutique London

Do your kids love slime? My girls are obsessed with the stuff. I’m not a huge fan myself, sloppy and messy stuff just doesn’t tick my boxes. All the shops seem to sell the stuff but it’s always tiny amounts in tiny pots. Well I stumbled across a place that sells the stuff in larger pots and much better quality than anything we’ve bought in shops.

Slime Boutique London sell their slime boxes on Etsy. Included in the boxes are several large tubs of lovely fragrant smelling slime, borax which makes the slime less sticky, a squishy and some sweet treats.

You can see our unboxing reactions here. I checked the parcel contents first and then handed it to the girls who absolutely love it.

It’s really nice smelling stuff. I’m not so keen on touching it but the fragrance makes it seem like I’ve got my wax melts on.

Jordanna tells me this slime is the best she’s had so far in terms of quality and amount. Bigger boxes are also available to buy too.

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