Little Known Box review & giveaway

This here is my Little Known Box. I'm guessing it's named that because the contents are unknown until opened. The box really is a mystery which I could not wait to open. A pretty wrapped… View Post

And more self tanning; St Moriz

Most of my followers already know just how much I love my self tanning products that I use any season of the year. I love trying out new tanners to see which give the best… View Post

Num Noms series 4

Whether you love them or hate them, it would seem the Num Noms are more than just a quick fad and may just be around for a while.  For those who still don’t know what… View Post

Splash About Swimwear 

All children should be encouraged to swim and be taken, when possible to a local pool. Swimming is fun but also an essential life skill. Children should be taught water basics from an early age. … View Post

Ink drops subscription 

Ink drops is a monthly subscription service which brings a packet of unified stationery items through the letterbox each month.  It seems a good subscription for those who still enjoy good old fashioned letter writing… View Post

Palmer's Cocoa butter formula facial skin care range

My latest skin care products come from Palmer’s. Their range of facial and skin care products come made with rich quality Cocoa butter sourced from Ghana. You may have spotted mentions of cocoa butter in… View Post

Zuru Bunch o Balloons

I was very very optimistic about giving these a review. I had visions of soaking wet carpets surrounded by bits of rubbery water balloon.  Of course most of us have probably seen the advert for… View Post

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