Ink drops subscription 

Ink drops is a monthly subscription service which brings a packet of unified stationery items through the letterbox each month. 
It seems a good subscription for those who still enjoy good old fashioned letter writing as many of the packages seem to come with cards, stickers, pens and other bits that make letters more fun.
The contents obviously vary each month and come with different themes, each subscriber receiving the same items
The items don’t come in the usual cardboard box, but rather a pretty paper packet which sort of gives it the old fashioned feel.
Anyway here are the contents of the July ink drops. 

There are two glittery cards, one is a birthday card and the other blank. Two colourful lolly erasers which I’m assuming are from another country as I cannot understand the language. Then a moon notepad and a pack of coloured small highlighters.
The majority of the products all have foreign writing on, it looks Japanese but I could be wrong but it does mean that these items are more harder to come by.
Ink drop subscriptions cost £15.45 for the UK which includes shipping and slightly more for Europe and the rest of the world.
For this price I was expecting slightly more products than what was in the packet. I’m guessing that the price reflects sourcing the more unique products. I think I would be slightly disappointed paying the £15+ for this package myself, tho people who collect stationery or are looking for more unique cards and bits will probably enjoy this one. 

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