Zuru Bunch o Balloons

I was very very optimistic about giving these a review. I had visions of soaking wet carpets surrounded by bits of rubbery water balloon. 
Of course most of us have probably seen the advert for this new craze. 

They are as their title explains – A bunch of balloons and water balloons to be exact. They come as coloured plain or with an array of characters on them. 
Unlike regular (awful) water balloons where each one needs stretching around a tap, these can all be filled in big bunches together. 

There is usually 100 balloons per pack in 3 bunches like this one. I’m unsure of the exact maths behind that and am thinking maybe it’s 99 per pack or maybe one bunch has an extra one, who knows? I did not count them. 
I think they can be filled via a tap, tho this may get messy, think wet floors. We found the best way to fill was outside using a full clean mop bucket (or any other similar size container) and a hose. The Balloons come with an attachment which fits most hoses. The balloons fill up really quickly as stated on the packets, in about 60 seconds.

Once full of water, they need no more explanation.

Kids of course love them. I mean who didn’t love these as a kid themselves, getting soaked, getting everyone else soaked and aiming them at the poor neighbours windows (not advised). But now it’s easy to understand why our parents were not so keen and we didn’t have packets of instant fillers like these. 
Yes they contain lots of water. Keep them in the bucket, keep the bucket well away from your door, shut the door/windows and leave it to the kids to have fun. That’s what I did anyway. Advise kids not to throw them at each other as they hurt if they land on you (think paintball stings). The best place to aim them is the floor or a bare wall away from people and away from anything that could be damaged. 
Also once burst it’s important to pick up and dispose of any left over balloon material as this could be eaten by animals. 
These can be purchased from lots of stores, many of which can be viewed here. They cost about Β£10 per hundred pack. The Entertainer toy store is currently selling them for Β£8.00.

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  1. July 26, 2017 / 11:34

    We tried these last summer and my girls loved them. They are really good and work well. I haven’t seen the Minion one’s before though. I will have to look out for them x

  2. google.com, pub-6419179042586861,DIRECT,f08c47fec0942fq0

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