Palmer's Cocoa butter formula facial skin care range

My latest skin care products come from Palmer’s. Their range of facial and skin care products come made with rich quality Cocoa butter sourced from Ghana.
You may have spotted mentions of cocoa butter in previous posts, that’s because cocoa butter is also a main ingredient in many chocolate products too. It is a rich vegetable fat extracted from the cocoa bean which grow in the cocoa pods of the cacao tree. At maturity, pods are harvested from the trunks and branches and are separated by colours that correspond to the quality of the bean; those with poorer (less) aromas and flavours may be used for industrial chocolate, while the higher quality beans are used in Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula.

Here I have several lovely products from Palmer’s, all of which are beneficial to the face and have been forming part of my daily skin care routine for almost two weeks. I do love trying out new products to see which works the best.
The exfoliating facial scrub is one of those darker grainy type products which almost resembles a light mud mask in colour and texture. It smells really natural with slight woody hints but nothing artificial. 
There’s a purifying enzyme mask too which is good to use after the exfoliater. This is a 10 minute wash off face mask. It comes out as a white thick cream and eventually dries into the skin without stickiness before washing off. 
Using the exfoliater and the mask together helps remove any dead skin particles leaving the new skin underneath smooth and fresh. 

Their Facial cleansing oil doubles up as a cleansing wash and make up remover. I use it instead of soap as it’s much gentler, more natural and does not leave that irritating scratched feeling like some soaps do. It also removes all traces of make up including stubborn bits of eye liner.
For moisturising there is the moisture rich night cream.

This is lovely. Very cool, quick drying and just perfect for applying after a tiring day before nodding off to sleep. 
Finally the multi-effect perfecting facial oil. This can be used alone, adding directly to the face using the bottle dropper and blending in; or together with the night cream as they both work well together after cleansing. 

There are of course lots of other skin and beauty products available, all of which can be viewed on Palmer’s website. The good thing about Palmer’s products is that they are fairly inexpensive compared to similar skin care creams. The majority being under Β£10. These products are available in Superdrug stores and Feel Unique.

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