Competition – Ladies beauty bundle

I haven’t done a giveaway for a few weeks so I thought it was time to make one of you happy. Today I’m giving away a little beauty bundle to one lucky lady (or man)… View Post

Roccabox August

My August Roccabox has arrived. It isn’t my best box so far, but it’s also not the worst one. I’m happy to see that there was no face mask in this one. I have nothing… View Post

5 best oils for your hair

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Womens Razors: Which To Use And Which To Avoid

  The best womens razors aren’t necessarily the first or most expensive thing you see on the shelves. As women, we are sold this idea that pinker, fancier and more feminine-looking razors will provide a… View Post

3 Beauty Benefits of Adding Matcha to Your Skin-Care Regimen

  Matcha is as organic as it can get. It’s powdered green tea—only you get to consume the entire leaf instead of throwing it out. Matcha doesn’t go through the usual tea-production process. When these… View Post