Esthechoc Cambridge beauty chocolate! Yes really! 

This is Esthechoc, a totally new previously unheard of type of chocolate which I recently came across and managed to get myself a box. This is what Esthechoc claims to do.  “One small esthechoc a… View Post

Smiggle stationery

Smiggle stationery differs from the rest, being bright, colourful, funky and performing just a good job as any others. Children and probably girls in particular will be attracted to the colourful and unique products that… View Post

Little Brian paint sticks & Giveaway!

There’s a whole new way to draw and colour for kids. Paint sticks look just like coloured glue sticks and are like a crayon and paint all in one.  This may sound harsh but I… View Post

Skinny tan: body glow moisturiser 

It’s Summer time and this year it’s a real Summer for once in a long long time in the U.K.  When you have light skin like myself, you long for a natural tan but unfortunately… View Post

Lee Stafford hair growth

I first spotted these products whilst shopping in Boots and whilst I was very eager to try them, I was also optimistic at what they claim they can do for the hair. My hair, probably… View Post

Fish for Thought recipe box subscription 

My first subscription post this week is something very fishy indeed. It’s a box full of food items to make fishy recipes.  If you go to Fish for Thought then you’ll get the whole idea of it.… View Post

Airhogs hyper stunt drone 

It’s taken us a while to get this one going. At first it just would not work and I have no idea why. But after a call to customer service and a slight jiggling around… View Post

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