Little Brian paint sticks & Giveaway!

There’s a whole new way to draw and colour for kids. Paint sticks look just like coloured glue sticks and are like a crayon and paint all in one. 
This may sound harsh but I am one of those mean mummies who won’t have lots of paint activities in my house. I may allow it once in a while and for homework purposes, other than that if they want to paint then they go outside. My house is not huge and I paid a lot for my carpets and furniture and even kids clothing. Paint can be so messy, even the water based stuff. Stains on floors, tables, clothes which does not always wash out, then letting the soggy paintings dry out and more stains. Then cleaning the equipment and yes more stains on the sink. It’s a very messy activity which kids seem to love.

Our new Little Brian paint sticks seem to eliminate the majority of the mess left by regular painting and also make painting activities much easier for little hands. 
The packs of paint sticks come in various sizes and we have a rather generous 12 pack. 
The results from the paint sticks do look like paint and it dries instantly too. Very minimal mess on hands and none on furnishings. Obviously I still make my kids use a hard flat surface underneath paper to protect flooring underneath. The paintsticks can be used on many surfaces too, including paper, plastics, glass including windows as it’s really easy to sponge off clean. 

When doing regular paintings such as on paper or an easel, adding a little water to the painting with a brush or sponge gives a blurring effect and slightly wetting the paint stick gives a deeper paint effect so we can play around with these to get different effects.

My two girls liked them instantly and ended up painting non stop the same night they got them. I very much like the reduced mess and not needing to find paintbrushes or having paint mixed up into awful muggy colours. 

And guess what? these paint sticks also have another really good use. Probably not what they were intended for; but:  I recently glossed my bathroom window ledge in bright red to match the wallpaper. The flossing went well but I put a orchid pot on the window thinking  the paint had dried properly. It hadn’t and I ended up taking a small patch of gloss paint off, revealing white patches underneath. I had no paint left. I used the red paint stick to fill in the gaps and now I cannot tell any difference. It blended in perfectly and has dried to match the gloss. Therefore they have many uses.

Little Brian have their own website but sell their paint sticks via Amazon and Asda stores plus a few more places. A 12 pack like this costs about Β£7.25 with a 6 pack being less. They will last a long time too.

If you like the look of the paint sticks then you can win a 12 pack for yourself and family. Simply click the enter link below.
This giveaway will close on July 20th 2017 and is open to U.K. residents only. 

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