Esthechoc Cambridge beauty chocolate! Yes really!Β 

This is Esthechoc, a totally new previously unheard of type of chocolate which I recently came across and managed to get myself a box.

This is what Esthechoc claims to do. 
“One small esthechoc a day helps to regain your skin health and slow down the ageing process”
So I was totally baffled by this, I mean how can chocolate which is usually deemed unhealthy for the body be beneficial? Well of course it’s all down to what is inside the chocolate and how it’s made.
Each square serving is made with 70% cocoa premium dark chocolate and contain a plethora of antioxidants and bioavailable cocoa polyphenols. Yes I have no idea what they are either but there is lots of information on their UK website about what’s inside this special chocolate. The main ingredient to make it a beauty chocolate is something called Astaxanthin which is apparently the most powerful antioxidant known to science.  The process involves something called micellar technology which makes the good stuff “bioavailable”
So lots of large terms and scientific processes, none of which I greatly understand but their website does give a better idea. This page in particular describes the skin benefits achievable by having this chocolate daily. 

It is recommended to take just one of these thin square slabs of this chocolate per day to help boost skin health and anti – aging effects. 
The chocolate is dark and being 70% cocoa it is also quite a strong flavour but luckily not too bitter. I have been having my daily choc square with a hot drink and it tastes similar to most other dark chocolate with similar cocoa percentage. 
I cannot really comment on any noticeable effects to my skin, stomach or any other health aspects as I am only on the first box so it is still early days as far as using it goes. 
There are many customer reviews on the website, the majority being positive with results noticeable by box number 3/4. 
Esthechoc is sold by Cambridge chocolate Technologies Ltd who create produchs to help people live healthily and enjoy the anti-ageing protection of the most indulgent form of food – CHOCOLATE. Esthechoc can be purchased from Harrods and many other high end stores. A google search of Esthechoc will bring all the stockists up. 

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