Skinny tan: body glow moisturiser 

It’s Summer time and this year it’s a real Summer for once in a long long time in the U.K. 
When you have light skin like myself, you long for a natural tan but unfortunately it rarely happens. That’s where self tanning products come in very useful, they are in fact a god send. Although some of them can make me look a streaky mess; but Skinny tan seems to be one of the better ones out there according to this site. I have previously reviewed their tanning mousse and oil products and now it’s the turn of their body glow moisturiser. 

You get a choice of light or medium shade with this product. Unlike Skinny tan instant tanning products, this is more of a build up glow. It doesn’t give an instant deep tan or even a tan that develops after a few hours. It’s a product that can be applied daily and gradually builds up a natural looking colour on the skin. This looks more like a tan that many instant tanning products out there. The tan builds up, getting slightly deeper but also gives a nice all over body and facial glow too. The tan turns out totally streak free and even because it works differently to instant tanners. 
I could see results from the first application, although mild there was definitely a tan to my skin and no streaks. 
The product is a white lotion and has a slight fragrance. It does not dry instantly but does dry quickly within 1/2 minutes. Being a moisturiser also means it’s beneficial for the skin as well as adding a glowing natural looking colour. 
Perfect for a hot Summers day or a night out as it looks natural and does not rub off onto clothes when sweating either. 
I have the light body glow moisturiser and here I had used for 5 days once a day. 

This product is sold exclusively at Superdrug stores costing £7.99. Superdrug currently have a buy one, get second half price offer on Body glow too. 

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