Airhogs hyper stunt drone 

It’s taken us a while to get this one going. At first it just would not work and I have no idea why. But after a call to customer service and a slight jiggling around with buttons, it now works, or I should say, when it chooses to. 

This picture is a little deceptive because the actual drone is tiny. It fits in my hand. 

But size does not mean slow, and especially not with this thing. 
The remote control works off 2 batteries AAA. It won’t work with cheap batteries from the pound store, or it may for a minute and then fail. I use energiser but I hear rechargeables are best. The drone itself charges via USB connected to a laptop. It will charge if connected to a USB plug but  this seems much slower. 
When charged the drone connects to the remote and the way to know its connected is when the drone lights stop blinking. 
Now if I was to give just one piece of advice with this product, that would be to not try to fly out inside, unless of course you don’t mind your eye, face, ears, hands being damaged or worse and you don’t mind your expensive television screen being smashed. Trust me this thing is lethal. 
I’ve only had a short go of it myself as I am hopeless at flying these things so I leave it to my son. This drone (I’m told) is easy to fly. It is a beginners drone product with both a beginner and more advanced mode on the remote. If you have a teenager/older child who is interested in drones then this would perhaps make a good starter.
It is extremely fast and if like me you can’t control it then it could do some damage, hence why it needs to be flown outside. Me being silly tried it in the kitchen and nearly had my skin on my hand ripped off. It can go on any surface, floors, doors, etc. It will spin and roll rapidly as well as flying. 
The stunts are performed via a special stunt button on the remote. This takes practice but once learnt the drone can do back flips and rolls.
It flies pretty high, and is much easier to control outside where less damage can be done. 
Here is Ryan to demonstrate how it flies! 

The description states that if this crashes, it still keeps going. This is not necessarily correct. It does keep going but not always flying, it more rolls and bounces uncontrollably around the floor, hitting anything and anyone in its path.
One charge gives us about 15/20 minutes fly time which is not a huge amount but charging does not take too long either. 
It is very temperamental  when trying to get it to take off from the ground and fly . It tends to go a bit wild and hyper crazily rolling around but a reset on/off usually works. Connecting to the remote can also be hit and miss and the guide that comes with it is not great for trouble shooting. 
The age recommendation for the drone is 8 years and over. Personally I would not let a younger child play with it as it does hurt if the drone blades hit you. 
This is a stunt drone only and is not the type of drone which comes with a camera for recording. 
It’s fair to say we have had a few problems with this drone, but once it decides to work properly it is good for flying outdoors for a few minutes. 
It does cost £39.99. I would be disappointed if I had paid that, given the problems we seem to have, it is really temperamental. 

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