Smiggle stationery

Smiggle stationery differs from the rest, being bright, colourful, funky and performing just a good job as any others. Children and probably girls in particular will be attracted to the colourful and unique products that they sell.

Smuggles latest range is the besties collection which is a limited edition collection of cute character stationery items.

These characters come as pencil cases and keyrkings. Each character even has its own name and personality. These also smell great too. I did have to wonder why my little package smelt so good on opening and it’s because the Besties all come scented. 
Smiggle do watches too, these watch this space watches display the time when the face is pressed. 
They come in lots of bright colours too and cost Β£15.00 each. 

And finally we also have some cute pencils too from Smiggle.

The neon pack costs approximately Β£4.50 and then the single scented graphic pencils are just Β£1.50 each. The scented part being the eraser on top which are also interchangeable and Izebella says they look like her shopkins.
Smiggle stores are located all over the UK and there products can also be purchased in their online Smiggle shop

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