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Most of my followers already know just how much I love my self tanning products that I use any season of the year. I love trying out new tanners to see which give the best overall results. Today’s self tanning products come from St Moriz.

Their self tanning mousse is available in shades of dark and medium. As with all tan products, a mitt is required for even application. The mousse comes out a dark brown colour making it easier to see where it’s being applied. It’s a fast drying product with the real results appearing a few hours later. I usually apply at night time after a bath and check the results in the morning, topping up any missed bits if required.
There were the odd few patches and streaks with the mousse but nothing too noticeable and overall it gave a good natural coverage which lasted a few days.

I have also used the St Moriz velvet finish tanning gel. This product is different to the mousse. It comes out white and the colour develops over a few hours. I would say it’s more like a thick cream than a gel and it takes a little bit longer to dry but with minimal stickiness. 
I “surprisingly” preferred the results from the gel to the mousse, even tho it was more difficult to see where I was applying it. The results from the gel were literally streak free with no patches.
This gel also doubles up as a make up base.

Both products which I have been using are the darker shades. My skin is fair/medium but I was more than happy to try a darker shade. I found the overall colour from both products was fine and not too dark for me. 

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