Num Noms series 4

Whether you love them or hate them, it would seem the Num Noms are more than just a quick fad and may just be around for a while. 
For those who still don’t know what Num Noms are; well think small rubbery parts which smell like food items, some good and some down right revolting. Other parts made from hard plastic that either move and vibrate or contain a lip gloss, eraser, stamper and they all stack up together to make unique foodie characters. 

Series 4 Num Noms don’t differ much to previous Num Nom series, different characters have been invented with many scents. The two packets we have here are desert tray and tea party num Noms. 

There is also the addition of the brand new Num Noms magazine with the release of series 4. This is a fun magazine with lots to do for young ones. It also came with a few extras such as a little camera, not a real camera but more like one of those click projecter things from the 1980s with pictures of Num Noms. 

There was also a pack of stickers which have numbers on the back but no sticker album came included. I managed to find one online for Izebella for a few pound so she can use the stickers.

Jordanna also loves Num Noms and even enjoys drawing them. 

Num Noms and many accessories can be purchased in most toy stores including The Entertainer store. There are many packs starting with small to very big with lots of Num Noms inside. The magazine which is monthly, may also be found in toy stores, supermarkets and newsagents costing Β£3.90. 

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