Zelfs: Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon

Zelf Story

The Zelfs' live in an enchanted garden full of surprises called Zardenia. There homes are known as fabitats and can be found all over gardens, trees, rock mounds and dark corners. Each Zelfs is unique with its own special powers which shine when it's loved.

Jordanna was sent the Zelfs Venus fly trap spin salon from Character Online. I had never heard of Zelfs before and was very surprised to see that they actually in many ways resemble the retro collectable troll dolls from the early 1990s (some of which I still have). They come in small, medium a and large each with colourful sticking up hair, different colour bodies and styling accessories and are aimed at little girls aged 5 and above. I think they will be highly collectible as with the old troll dolls.

The Venus fly trap spin salon is the place for the Zelfs to go to get their funky colourful hair styled, curled or crimped. It comes with a medium sized Zelf called Tressa and lots of hair accessories such a brush, curler and other cute items.

The Spin Salon itself is in the design of a funky Venus fly trap plant in a pink plant pot. The plant pot opens out and can be closed when not in use. It features mini shelves and a little storage drawer to keep your accessories in and is in the style of a mini salon inside. There is even a mirror so Zelf can see herself and the main feature being the salon seat.

The Salon is so easy to use. No batteries are needed. The Zelf is placed on the salon seat and hair attached to the Venus Fly Trap head and simply press button on the seat to spin the hair and use the included accessories to style.

Jordanna has so much fun with this spinning it around and playing with the Zelfs hair, creating different designs then brushing it out and redoing it. It's lots of fun and the Zelf figures are very cute and adorable. Jordanna was also sent an extra Zelf so she doesn't get fed up of the same one. I will probably buy her another one for a Christmas stocking filler too.

This is Elfa Zelf. As you can see they all have different names and features. All different sizes and unique accessories and so many to collect.



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