Zelfs Series 2

Last year Jordanna had the pleasure of reviewing the Zelfs and the spin Salon.
She was therefore very excited to learn that a new range of Zelfs and accessories were being launched from Character.
There are 12 new medium size Zelfs to collect. All of which measure 8cm and come with a comb and hair accessory. Six of the new Zelfs in the collection also come with a masquerade theme and have a decorative mask on their face. The Zelfs remind me of the retro trolls I had when younger but are much more colourful and brighter and come without clothes. The Zelfs have bright sticky up (punk style) hair dos which are just waiting to be groomed and brushed.
Jordannas new Zelfs is called Buttershy and is a butterfly Zelf.

This Zelf has a rather girly look, being purple and pink with butterfly wings and bright funky hair and is also part of the masquerade collection. The Zelfs are very cure with dainty features and bulging eyes. One of these new Zelfs will cost just Β£5.99. I hear there are some very rare Zelfs in the collections and some due to be released which will be much sought after by little girls everywhere.
Of course the Zelfs need something to keep them entertained so alongside the new Zelf collection comes the Zelfs Toadstool Twirl and Swing play set costing Β£14.99.

The play set features three swings and comes with a small self too. It can be used with the Zelfs in your collection and does not need batteries.

It works by simply popping the Zelfs on the sweets and pushing it round. It seems quite a strong, sturdy toy and will certainly appeal to little girls with it’s stand out bright colours.

More Zelfs will be released throughout the year including a collection of scented Zelfs and a Beesweet tree house set.
The Zelfs and accessories are suitable for children ages 3 and over.
If you have a child who collects Zelfs or are considering buying a few for birthdays etc then make sure you keep your receipts. Head over to UKmumstvand exchange Β£30 of Zelfs receipts for the Ultra rare Ruby Zelf.

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