Our Pass ANGRY Rant TFGM (please share)

Well my eldest daughter Jordanna started college. Yes she’s now 16. Anyway of course she’s happy to get a place on a travel & tourism course. However we now have a huge problem.

We live in Bolton. Her college is in Eccles. It’s about 10 miles away. And so she has to get a bus. If you live in Greater Manchester which we do, then students can pay £10 and get an Our pass which then allows them to travel on any Greater Manchester bus for free. It’s a good idea right? Well not if it doesn’t turn up it’s not!

That’s right, me being prepared ordered her pass at the start of May! 4 months ago. They took my payment happily, I uploaded necessary documents and almost forgot about it. That is until all her friends received there’s a week or two ago and we got – the square root of nothing.

I rang them and was told they had her application but the documents hadn’t uploaded correctly (their fault not ours) yet this was back in May and no one contacted us to tell us this. I was told to re upload them and that they’d fast track it. Fast forward -12 days and the start of college and still nothing “fast track my ass” I even have an email from August 26th stating we would have the thing in 5-7 days. Yes an absolute joke it is.

I ring them today to be told it’s not even sent out yet. I really don’t understand how difficult it is to put them in the bloody post.

So now I’m out of pocket, paying £20 for a weekly bus pass until TFGM decide to send me what I paid for 4 months ago! 😡 what if they do this to someone who can’t afford extra fares?

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