Zuru Smashers

These are the Smashers by Zuru toys. Collectible figures once again but with a difference. These are far from the cutesy girly figures that we are used to. Instead these are gross and disgusting. Alien… View Post

Shnooks series 2 & GIVEAWAY

Well the weather may be awful and the schools are shut today but my girls are happy as they have their new Shnooks to play with. These are series 2, we had the first series… View Post

Zuru Bunch o Balloons

I was very very optimistic about giving these a review. I had visions of soaking wet carpets surrounded by bits of rubbery water balloon.  Of course most of us have probably seen the advert for… View Post

Tsum tsums for Xmas 

Izebella received a little package the other day right before Christmas containing more loveable collectable figures called Tsum Tsums which is pronounced Zoom zooms. She already had a few of them from the first series… View Post

Zuru robotoys Finding Dory

To celebrate the newly launched finding Dory movie; Zuru toys have added the Dory characters to their well known line of robotoys. The characters include Nemo, Marlin, Bailey and Dory herself. We have Dory and… View Post

Hamsters in the house

Zuru toys have bought out a collection of hamster collectables and play sets called “hamsters in the house”  The newest in collectable play, HAMSTERS IN A HOUSE, lets imagination come to life creating new Hamster… View Post

Zuru robo turtles 

There’s a new species of turtle in town, straight from the land of Zuru.  Known as “robo turtles” these mini robotic type creatures can be spotted in 4 different colours. They can walk on land but… View Post

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