Zuru robo turtles 

There’s a new species of turtle in town, straight from the land of Zuru

Known as “robo turtles” these mini robotic type creatures can be spotted in 4 different colours. They can walk on land but seem to prefer the water. They are small enough to fit in the palm of my hand and very brightly coloured. 

My children and I, found one of the little critters hiding amongst our morning post one day. Ours is blue and green and quite a fun friendly little guy.

“Using the latest micro-robotic technology, ROBO Turtle walks on land and swims just like a real turtle in water! The lifelike design and movement is unlike anything you have ever seen before, creating an exciting display in front of your eyes and endless turtle play!”

The turtle was even found with batteries already inside and he came with two spare too. I think he is going to be with us for some time as all of us enjoy him, even the cat. 

We find he works best in the water which he really seems to enjoy. The water seems to activate his best features and he swims and flaps like a real turtle. You can see him here, in the video, tho I do think we need a bigger bowl for him.

Yes the cat was very curious by him!

The turtle loves to play in water and the best features will be seen in water, but it’s important not to leave robo turtle in water all day or his battery juice may drain away. Instead take them out and put them on dry land. To get him to walk on dry land we just tap his belly as he sometimes gets a little lazy when there is no water. 

He stops his self on dry land and is reactivated either by water or gently tapping him. 

A fun and inexpensive toy pet.

You will find the robo turtles at the following places –  ASDA, Argos, B&M, Morrisons, Smyths, Tesco, The Entertainer, Toys R Us. One can be yours for £9.99. And if you want to buy a special home for them, then a Turtle playset can also be purchased for £19.99. 

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