Hamsters in the house

Zuru toys have bought out a collection of hamster collectables and play sets called “hamsters in the house” 

The newest in collectable play, HAMSTERS IN A HOUSE, lets imagination come to life creating new Hamster sized worlds. Kids can personalize the Hamsters’ world for endless role-play fun! They can collect all nine adorable Hamsters and all the different Hamster houses. Either play at home or take the world anywhere. Collect all 9!

 The hamsters are bright and colourful and also furry. Each one is a similar size to a real dwarf hamster. They come with a battery pre installed and take the small watch type batteries.

There are several hamster playsets to collect which eventually all connect together to make a big hamster world like this.

My girls have been happily playing with the hamster supermarket play set. This set comes with one hamster, a trolley, food, and a cashiers desk.

It is very well packaged with lots of plastic straps to remove. Once out of the box, there is some minimal assembly which just involves putting a six piece plastic track together.

Then add the desk, trolley and accessories and it’s ready to be played with.

The basket can be placed underneath the turntable for treats to fall into it. Place the hamster on the floor lift part Then press the button on the second floor to release the floor and the hamster will move around the tracks (once switched on of course).

The hamster only really works on the playset tracks or on hard floor and not on carpets. It is probably much better with multiple playsets together and more than one hamster to play with. Lots of them scurrying around and bumping into each other would be quite amusing for the younger ones. 

This toy range is recommended for children aged 4 and over. Izebella is almost 4 and enjoys playing with the supermarket set. 

Each set differs in price starting from £7.99. The supermarket set here costs £19.99. The products will be in stores from this month, including – ASDA, Argos, B&M, CDS Superstores, Costco UK, Debenhams, Morrisons, Shops Direct, Smyths, Tesco, The Entertainer, Toys R Us, Toymaster.

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