Just thought I’d share this cute pic!

Another addition

Well my little household is getting bigger as far as pets go. I now have 2 cats, a tortoise and this gorgeous bundle of fluff! Our baby Lionhead rabbit, another female but no name just… View Post

Meet Tilly the Tortoise

This is Tilly and the latest addition to our home and family. Tilly is a horsefield tortoise and approximately 7 months old. It’s impossible to determine a tortoise sex until they are older but the… View Post

L.O.L Surprise pets

Did you know that April is National pet month? Well me neither until the guys over at L.O.L let me know. This is also one of the main reasons why we have one of the… View Post

Shaggy Shawn from Hasbro toys

This is Shaggy Shawn and he’s part of the Furreal pets from Hasbro toys. Shaggy Shawn resembles a miniature Yorkshire terrier and in fact I have actually seen a real dog this small. Shaggy Shawn… View Post