Zuru Smashers

These are the Smashers by Zuru toys. Collectible figures once again but with a difference. These are far from the cutesy girly figures that we are used to. Instead these are gross and disgusting. Alien & monster type mini creatures inside eyeballs just waiting to be smashed apart and opened.

The eyeballs are made of plastic. The idea is to either throw or hit them against a hard surface, a bit like cracking open an egg. Then the smasher will be revealed.

There are over 100 to collect and yes just like all the other collectibles there are exclusive and rated Smashers to find.

Collectors categories include filthy foods like snot dogs, toilet humour like dirty diaper, & special glow in the darks like eyeball soup. In a way these remind me of the Garbage gang cards, but in figure form.

Once smashed, the eyeballs can be rebuilt and re-smashed over and over again. Smashers can be purchased in multipacks of 3, 8 and even 20 as well as single blind packs. This is now series 2 and there is also a “sludge bus” smasher play set too.

This comes as a bus but opens out into a rather disgusting bathroom and game. The game being to shoot the Smashers into the toilet. There are 2 Smashers that come with this set, one in an eyeball and one without. The sludge bus is currently in Argos for £24.99.

Izebella was happy to play with this and enjoyed smashing open all the Smashers but I do think it’s something boys would get more enjoyment out of.

Ages 5 and over.

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