Heat holders 

This constant cold weather brings nothing but misery with floods, illness and cold feet when outside. A good warm pair of socks is a much needed item at this time of year both inside and… View Post

Charley Mouse Footwear

Charley Mouse is a one woman business belonging to Charlotte Beer. A 30 something Londoner operating her business solely from her own home. Charley Mouse is all about footwear and the lack of practical European… View Post


Chattyfeet are fun funky socks that rebel against boredom. Designed by retro lovers of waffles, computer games and space dreams, the socks all come with weird and wonderful features. The socks are produced in Portugal… View Post


I love my socks and always looking for new pairs as the seasons change. My kids are forever losing their socks; usually in the washing machine and so they always need new pairs too. Sockshop… View Post

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