Chattyfeet are fun funky socks that rebel against boredom. Designed by retro lovers of waffles, computer games and space dreams, the socks all come with weird and wonderful features.
The socks are produced in Portugal and come in many sizes to suit men, women, boys and girls and even the very young ones at 12 months old.

The socks all have their own names (rather strangely!) each one with it’s own face, colours and personality. All in all they are a fun novelty gift item and make a difference to plain boring cheap holey socks. (I mean socks with holes by the way. Not religious socks ha)
The socks are made with a soft combined cotton and they do feel quite nice and soft on the feet. With the present lovely heat wave I haven’t really been wearing socks much in the day but at night when I take my sandals off, the socks usually go on, just so my feet feel a little more comfortable and don’t get so dirty.

My socks are called Miko. Miko has pink hair and a smily face. Miko is actually a pirate and has lots of skull & crossbones images around her.

When on my feet these socks look like puppets. If each member of the family have a pair then you could easily do a silly puppet show, making them much more than just an old pair of socks.
This is mine and Jordannas feet. Each with a Miko sock on.

See how they chat to each other? Hence the name “Chattyfeet Jordannas foot looks much bigger on this picture than it really is, must be the camera angle.

The character face appears on both the under side and upper side of the foot. The socks are a good fit and feel comfortable on, no sweaty feet so far.

As well as this rather curious pair of socks for myself. I also got a much smaller pair for Izebella in a size 2-4 years. This is Prof. Brian Sox

A very clever and brightly coloured professor. Tho Izebella think he looks more like a monster as she says “RAAR” on socks.


The kids socks start from 12 months and cost Β£5 a pair and the adults Β£7 a pair. Socks always make a good gift when you don’t know what to buy and especially when it comes to men who always seem to end up wearing cheap looking horrible socks with holes in. These certainly are different. They have conversations with you.
If you don’t like them on your feet then put them on your hands as puppets like this.

She looks quite angry on this picture!

Buy your pair, and your kids at Chatty Feet I have a feeling these will be quite popular come Christmas time.

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