I love my socks and always looking for new pairs as the seasons change. My kids are forever losing their socks; usually in the washing machine and so they always need new pairs too. Sockshop has the largest selection of socks in the country with over 40 brands to choose from of varying designs and patterns catering for every size there is sure to be a pair of socks to suit everyone. They also have a range of hosiery, underwear and a latest addition of fashionable scarfs too.

Sockshop is based in Bolton so just round the corner from me. Orders can be placed on line seven days a week and your socks delivered to your door neatly packaged. We were all sent some gorgeous socks to try out.

Baby Elle

These lovely baby socks come in a pack of five. All in bright colours and feature ha linked toes for smooth seams. They provide warmth and protection whilst Izebella is crawling around the floor or in her walker.


Young Elle

The young Elle socks come in a pack of three and are white with beautiful floral patterns on them. They are not too bold or bright and therefore will match any outfit or dress. Jordanna found them very comfortable to wear and they didn't make her feet feel hot on warm day either.



Plain Denim Cotton KidsSocks

Ryan was also sent a pair of socks too. These seamless toe socks come in single packs and are patternless making them good for older children and also for wearing at school. Again Ryan said they are very comfy.

Elle Fine Pima Trouser Sock

And last but not least I also received a pair if socks. These lovely Elle Pima in gorgeous buff pink. Pima cotton is 50% stronger than most other cottons. These socks are very smooth and soft to touch and I think they look really good on too. I love the colour of them.


We are all loving our new comfortable socks courtesy of Sockshop. If you are looking for good quality socks for yourself or your little ones then Sockshop is certainly the place to look. So many designs to choose from be it plain or patterned and all at a low affordable price.


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