Puppet Making with Paul Lamond Kits

Jordanna was sent a Ballerina Puppet Making Kit from Paul Lamond Games. The kits are part of a new extended range from Crafty Kids and there are six different kits in total. The kits encourage… View Post

Foodie Penpals # 2

September was my second month at Foodie Penpals I’m really enjoying it so far and think it’s an excellent idea for trying out new foods plus making online friends etc. I sent a box of… View Post

Silent Sunday

Mother & Baby Awards product tester

A few months ago I was chosen to test products for the Mother and Baby Awards. This was a very exciting time for both me and Izebella. We received lots of products to test out… View Post

Zelfs: Venus Fly Trap Spin Salon

Zelf Story The Zelfs' live in an enchanted garden full of surprises called Zardenia. There homes are known as fabitats and can be found all over gardens, trees, rock mounds and dark corners. Each Zelfs… View Post

Competition: Win Horrid Henry, rocking the world DVD

This week saw the release of a new Horrid Henry DVD titled Rocking the World from Abbey Home Media. Ryan has long been a fan of the Horrid Henry book series and when this arrived… View Post

Cutlery Comission

The Cutlery Comission was founded by Katie Dobson and the inspiration came about from a gift hunting trip at a car boot sale. After finding an old silver spoon and using some old steel letters… View Post

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