Puppet Making with Paul Lamond Kits

Jordanna was sent a Ballerina Puppet Making Kit from Paul Lamond Games. The kits are part of a new extended range from Crafty Kids and there are six different kits in total.
The kits encourage both creative play and practical skills, the kit came with full instructions and it did not take too long to make. Inside the box were several strong cardboard tubes, laces, ball shape pieces, hair, tutu, puppet strings, paint and everything else needed to create the ballerina. I have to admit when I first look inside it looked quite a daunting task with all the different bits but once we got started it was really easy and enjoyable.

The skirt and bodice are first glued together and allowed to dry. As it was a warm day we made the puppet outside so drying did not take long. Jordanna happily painted all the parts in pink and white and I drew a little face as instructed. Once dry and painted it was time to attach it all together.

Getting the arms and legs on were a little fiddly at times but a very helpful stick is provided for getting laces through the holes. The project probably took about 45 minutes in total but may take longer on cooler days for paint drying. Anyway Jordannas puppet ballerina turned out pretty well I think considering I’m hopeless at craft stuff usually.

Now her puppet is made she can have hours of fun playing with it and perhaps if we get another even do her own puppet show.
The puppet kits will appeal to both girls and boys and made from very simple parts which take a tiny bit of time and effort to put together. The other kits include animals, knight and princess.

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