Cutlery Comission

The Cutlery Comission was founded by Katie Dobson and the inspiration came about from a gift hunting trip at a car boot sale. After finding an old silver spoon and using some old steel letters Katie stamper the words Hey Sugar onto the spoon and soon after was sourcing vintage cutlery to stamp and give to friends as gifts. Within months The Cutlery Comission was born.
The Cutlery Comission is based in the Cotswolds and sells personalised stamped cutlery gifts personalising each piece of cutlery by hand. Every letter and digit is stamped on individually and no two pieces are the same. The cutlery itself is silver plated and hand crafted making each item a unique one of a kind keepsake.
They sell knives, forks, spoons which can all be personalised each item differs as to how many letters you can have.
They have some unique royal baby spoons which are limited edition and were specially made for the celebration of Prince George.

20130921-222548.jpg anyone who is a fan of the royal family would no doubt love one of these collectible spoons.
There are some quite quirky items too such as personalised bottle openers, cheese&herb markers, cheese knifes, cakes slices and even a silver plated pet food scoop.
Cutlery gifts can be bought for specific occasions too such as a new baby and I was kindly sent a very sweet baby girl spoon for Izebella.

20130921-223316.jpg the spoon makes a lovely feature in a display cabinet and also a nice item for a keepsake box. Items from the Cutlery Comission would make great Christmas presents as they can be personalised with names or anything you wish.

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