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Charley Mouse is a one woman business belonging to Charlotte Beer. A 30 something Londoner operating her business solely from her own home.

Charley Mouse is all about footwear and the lack of practical European styles on our own high streets. European kids footwear seems so much sweeter, more robust and just miles better than what we have here in the UK. If you do spot a child wearing a beautiful, comfortable durable pair of shoes then it’s highly likely they are not made in the UK.

Charley Mouse sell a cool selection of footwear from several European brands, all of which can be viewed here, brands such as Oscar Knepp and Slugs & Snails. As well as shoes there is also tights and socks and to found.

Charlotte sent me some shoe samples from the Oscar Knepp collection so I had an idea of what their shoes are like. Oscar Knepp is a well known French shoe designer

There are 3 styles, all of which come in a navy blue option and therefore suitable for school. All are made from high quality genuine leather.

This one is a traditional T-bar shoe with quality foot support construction, fully breathable and comes in many sizes. It’s a perfect high quality school shoe. Also comes in red for a party shoe. Price Β£51-Β£61.

This one slightly different with a scalloped Velcro strap making it easier to fasten for younger ones. Again in navy blue so perfect to match with most school uniforms and school dress codes. Β£60 – Β£65.

This is the T-bar toddler shoe which I think looks so sweet in the soft pink. After all little girls just love pink. The shoes also come in chocolate and again the navy making them a perfect choice for nursery where a uniform is required. The pink make perfect everyday or party shoes as does the chocolate. They have the T-bar design and start in a EU size 19 (6-9 mths) right up to a EU 24 (approx 3 years). They provide the right amount of support for those tiny growing feet as well as comfort and they look so sweet.
These cost Β£51.00.

To view other footwear brands and the socks and tights, please pay a visit to Charley mouse



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