Num Noms personalised collectors case

Carousel PR have just launched their Biggest Collector competition, a two-month search to find the biggest Num Noms fan in the country. They are giving away the biggest prizes yet with a huge product bundle,… View Post

Num Noms series 4

Whether you love them or hate them, it would seem the Num Noms are more than just a quick fad and may just be around for a while.  For those who still don’t know what… View Post

NumNoms series 3Β 

We have a few more cute collectible goody type characters from Num Noms series 3 packs.  Izebella absolutely loves these strange rubbery type tiny figures, in fact I have had to upgrade her to a… View Post

Pancake day with Num noms

Well incase you forgot, it is pancake day today or shrove Tuesday if you prefer. We do pancakes every year even tho I’m not a fan myself, my children love it. This year we are… View Post

New num noms are hereΒ 

Look at this happy little face!  She’s happy because the new series of num noms have arrived. Izebella absolutely loves these tiny plastic collectables. I have even bought her a special large box just to… View Post

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