New num noms are here 

Look at this happy little face! 

She’s happy because the new series of num noms have arrived. Izebella absolutely loves these tiny plastic collectables. I have even bought her a special large box just to keep them in.

These are Num noms series 3, and I’m thinking we made need a bigger box soon if many more series follow these. Series 3 seems to be all about sweets and candy type food stuff and it’s okay that they aren’t so healthy because kids aren’t eating them but collecting, stacking and playing instead. 

Like previous series these come as collectable blister packs and the blind “surprise” boxes and a full collectors sheet of each num nom in this series. The new additions this time are the eraser noms.
As well as the new series 3, Izebella also now has some of the brand new num nom lights.

These can be stacked and played with in the same way as regular num noms but they light up too. Izebella got 2 blind boxes and both contained one of the rarer special edition lights.
Again happy faces all round! 

Buy num noms from most good toy stores and supermarkets, prices vary. 

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