Festive Sylvanian Families

Izebella loves her very cute adorable Sylvanian family figures and right before Christmas she got another pack to add to her collection. Of course being right before Christmas could only mean one thing for the… View Post

House clean for 2017 with help from Vileda

It’s almost time to leave 2016 behind and welcome in another new year. It’s out with the old and in with the new. I have been spending the past two days re-cleaning my home and… View Post

MC2 experiment dolls 

Just before Christmas my girls got a new MC2 doll. If you haven’t heard of these dolls then in short – they are fashion dolls but with a difference. The MC2 dolls are all about… View Post

Degustabox December

I made a slight mistake with last months Degustabox as I wrongly assumed it would be the last one of 2016. Well I was wrong as this December box of goodies is in fact the… View Post

Christmas pictures

Hope you all had a good one! 

For Keira 

Tsum tsums for Xmas 

Izebella received a little package the other day right before Christmas containing more loveable collectable figures called Tsum Tsums which is pronounced Zoom zooms. She already had a few of them from the first series… View Post

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