MC2 experiment dolls 

Just before Christmas my girls got a new MC2 doll. If you haven’t heard of these dolls then in short – they are fashion dolls but with a difference. The MC2 dolls are all about science and experiments and each doll comes with either something to build, create or an experiment to do at home.

The dolls are all based on the characters from the Netflix series Project MC2 and the four characters (and dolls) being Adrienne, McKeyla, Camryn and Bryden.
The dolls look like most other similar fashion dolls and are the same height meaning clothes can be swapped with other dolls. They are fully poseable too and come with long flowing hair for brushing. The only flaw we found is that the hands come off too easily, they are attached by a plastic prong and just seem to fall off. 
Our doll Adrienne came with instructions to make a bath fizz/bomb plus the plastic round tub to make it in.
The doll does not come with any ingredients for making a bath bomb but it only needs a few basic safe ingredients such as baking soda and citric acid. 
Jordanna is just starting to get into science stuff and even got a few science type sets for Christmas. Making things such as soap and bath bombs is something she seems to enjoy. That is what these dolls are all about – encouraging girls to like science too.

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