NumNoms series 3Β 

We have a few more cute collectible goody type characters from Num Noms series 3 packs. 
Izebella absolutely loves these strange rubbery type tiny figures, in fact I have had to upgrade her to a larger storage box to keep them all in or otherwise I would be finding odd Num Nom bits all over. 
It seems that with every new series of Num Noms, new parts are introduced as well of course as characters and themes which are all based around food items. 
Series 3 bought with it Num Nom lights too which are a completely new series all on there own including light ups, glitter and even freezie pop Num Noms
They are called Num Noms because of the two parts – The num and the Nom. I can’t recall which one is which but one of them is the rubbery textured soft part and the other part is the one that does something, this can be a moving part, a stamper, rubber, lip gloss etc. They keep coming with new quirky things.
Here are some of our latest series 3.

They are bright, colourful and very sweet looking. We found a stamp and eraser and even a strange part which has a hole in. I’m not too sure what this part is for.

Here’s Jordanna with her friend trying to work out which one is which out of a large box of all our Num Noms collection. 

I think girls of all ages love these. Num Nom packs can be purchased pretty much anywhere in most good toy stores and in various pack sizes.

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