Num Noms advent box

The countdown to Christmas has begun in our house, with the arrival of chocolate advents, decorations and a large box? 

 Yes we are also celebrating the run up to Xmas with num noms and have a very special advent box which I keep under the tree. 
Now there is no calendar as such, instead my girls take turns each day to put there hands inside and get a prize, so it’s a bit like a lucky dip box.
These are the contents inside which include – Num noms, sweets, stickers, colouring sheets and whole lot more yet to be discovered.
We have been happily using our num nom advent box since December 1st, so we are 3 days into it so far.
Day 1. Izebella found a num nom lucky dip box 
Day 2. Jordanna got a num noms pack 
Day 3. Izebella also got a num noms pack!

And lots more days to go until Santa visits our house once again! 
I so wish we had advent boxes like this when I was a little girl. 

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