Num Noms Wacky Bakers challenge 

We have been challenged by Num noms to create our own recipes and also sent more delightful num noms sets. 

We could pretty much make what we liked with the focus around baking or sweet stuff, the sweet num noms always smell the best. We have all been busy the past few weeks creating a lot of sweet things with num nom inspiration.

This is our Num nom mess, our version of Eton Mess, we use Sara strawberry for inspiration and strawberry cream Num nom. This yummy dessert is very simple to make and you can create your own versions as you please. 

We use crushed meringue with icecream, strawberries, chocolate and squirty cream. I think the num noms would be very happy with this dessert.
We also made a very easy strawberry cheesecake. This was made using a digestive biscuit and butter base. Then whipping cream and cottage cheese together and finally adding the strawberries and sprinkles.

Two recipes both based around strawberries and cream with two unique tastes.

We do love num noms and desserts in our house.

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