Baby born 3 wheel pushchair

Having a 5 year old girl means that Baby Born is everywhere in our house. She has the dolls, the toilet, the bath, bed, and now Izebella has a new pushchair. This is a 3… View Post

A bed for Baby Born

Izebella has many Baby Born dolls which she loves as she do have the baby bed. She keeps them on her bed which is gradually running out of space as all her cuddly friends also… View Post

Baby Born babysitter

Izebella has been babysitting her new Baby Born doll. She was sent the doll along with many Baby Born accessories and a carrier. Her babysitting tasks involved changing nappies along with dressing, feeding, potty training… View Post

Last minute gifts for the girls – Baby Born Bath

Most little girls love Baby Born and my little girl is no exception. Just a few days ago she was delighted to receive an early present from Santa to use with her Baby Born doll.… View Post

Izebella has a new friendΒ 

Just look at how happy that little face looks!  Yes Izebella has a new little friend to cuddle and care for, the new Baby born doll.  This doll is a similar size to what Izebella… View Post

Celebrating National sister day with Baby born

Today (August 7th) is national sister day. It’s all about appreciation for your sister and that special family relationship. For those without sisters or the ones who aren’t close to their sister then celebrating with… View Post

My little Baby Born Bathing Fun

Having two little girls in the house means dolls are always around and new dolls get lots of attention, sometimes fought over but usually shared, as is the case with the new arrival. It’s the… View Post

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