Izebella has a new friend 

Just look at how happy that little face looks! 

Yes Izebella has a new little friend to cuddle and care for, the new Baby born doll. 
This doll is a similar size to what Izebella was when she was born and it does bare some life like features to a newborn.
Baby born comes with lots of interactive accessories including a nappy, bottle, potty, a packet of baby doll food, bowl, spoon, bracelets  and a dummy.

The nappy fits on the doll and fastens just as a real nappy would on a baby, somehow my clever four year old knew exactly how to put one on, I’m thinking she probably remembers wearing them herself a few years back. 
There are two baby born bracelets which act a little like the baby hospital wrist tags. One is on the doll and the other for Izebella to wear. 
The bottle can be filled with water and the doll will drink. 
The doll food is a powder in a packet which gets mixed with tap water and looks like a clear gloop mixture. It’s not harmful if children eat it and no I have not tried it myself. The bowl and spoon and used to mix and feed the mixture to baby born.
The potty is used by the doll for the interactive features (more about that below)
A birth certificate card means Izebella can give baby born her own name and birth date. 

I was really happy to see that the baby dummy came with a plastic clip. Every time my girls have had baby dolls with dummies, the dummy always ends up lost within a week or two so this is a really good idea. However the dummy can be removed from the clip as Izebella soon discovered.

Baby born comes ready dressed in a little new born romper and a hat. There are lots of optional outfits to purchase that will fit her but I also think a few actual new born or prem baby clothing would do too. 
She doesn’t need batteries, her interactive features include drinking water from the bottle, eating from spoon (you actually just pour the stuff in her mouth) then peeing it out and pooping in the potty as she has two holes down below instead of the usual one. 

Izebella seemed quite fascinated when her baby did a wee wee first time in the potty. 

To make her pee or poop, Izebella presses the belly button. As well as using the potty she can also have tears. Baby born can be bathed too, her own bath set can be purchased and she can go in a real bath for a short period of time. The instructions explain how to fully dry her out to avoid damage and mould inside the doll body. 

Well I think Izebella is very happy feeding and hugging her new baby born friend.
I have been browsing a few toy stores online including Smyths, Toys r us and Argos and found the price for the new baby born doll to be the same – £44.99. 
Would I buy this?? – Although I think the doll is fairly overpriced, considering that it’s not a battery type interactive doll which moves etc; Yes I would still buy this if my four year old specifically asked for one. The reasons being is that I know Baby born is a good brand of doll which is safe and won’t fall apart within a few weeks. The accessories are also all safe and fairly unbreakable and baby born is one of those dolls that all little girls long for. This is the sort of doll that I would of begged my parents for at her age but would probably never have got and instead been given some cheap tatty thing that lost its arms a few weeks later. 

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