Last minute gifts for the girls – Baby Born Bath

Most little girls love Baby Born and my little girl is no exception. Just a few days ago she was delighted to receive an early present from Santa to use with her Baby Born doll.

Her very own Baby Born interactive bath tub. This is no plain normal bath tub that just gets filled with water, no this tub is lots of fun and has lots of extra features.

The tub lights up whilst Baby is bathing and even plays music. There are bubble sounds and laughter too and all sorts of other fun sounds. The water pump makes water flow from the shower head and then the foaming pump makes the water foam up more.

Bubbles can be added for lots of foamy fun and it also comes with a little duck friend too.
It’s all ready to go straight from the box and even came with batteries ready installed.
This costs approximately Β£39.99 from most good toy retailers. The Baby Born doll is a separate purchase but most standard size baby dolls will fit in the bath.

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