Baby born 3 wheel pushchair

Having a 5 year old girl means that Baby Born is everywhere in our house. She has the dolls, the toilet, the bath, bed, and now Izebella has a new pushchair.

This is a 3 wheel jogger style pushchair. It’s lightweight tho it does weigh a bit more than the Baby Annabel version which we also have.

It arrived in a really big box and so I assumed it would already be assembled. However it wasn’t, it all had to be assembled. It’s nothing difficult tho the instructions could be clearer. It’s just a case of slotting bits together, no tools or bolts required.

It has a hood and an underneath shopping basket. The straps don’t seem to unclip so we do have to sort of wiggle the dolls in and under them. The handle is not adjustable but seems to be the perfect height for Izebella to hold and push along.

Here we have Baby Born in the Baby Born pushchair.

She’s in her original Baby Born outfit which seems to blend in perfectly with the pushchair decor. Baby born fits in perfectly under the straps as would other similar size of slightly smaller dolls.

This pushchair seems to be a brand new model for the Baby Born range and I have been unable to find a price online for this exact one. It is a lovely sturdy pushchair and it’s easy to build. It glides along pavements easily and my 5 year old seems very pleased with it.

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