My little Baby Born Bathing Fun

Having two little girls in the house means dolls are always around and new dolls get lots of attention, sometimes fought over but usually shared, as is the case with the new arrival. It’s the new “Baby Born” bathing fun doll.

We have had a few Baby Born dolls previously and the first thing to notice about this one is that it’s much smaller than its predecessors. It’s height is 32cms and it’s aimed at the younger end of doll lovers, being suitable for those aged just 2 years. Great news for Izebella (not that she cares about age guidelines).

The doll, like many other Baby Borns, comes with fairly realistic facial features which resemble in many ways a real little baby. It is of course very cute. This one is also soft bodied making her very good for cuddles. She comes dressed in a little pink romper bearing the Baby Born logo. Underneath she also has a nappy on and a removeable hat. (Hats rarely stay on dolls very long in this house). Her accessory is a bottle.

The bottle can be filled with water which the doll can then drink. This water obviously has to come out somewhere, so watch out for an almost instant wet bum. It’s a bad idea to place the doll directly on the knee or carpet once giving her a full bottle as Jordanna found out.

On removing her wet nappy we discovered where the pee pee comes out (as Izebella says!). Just like any other little girl, Little Baby Born also has a twinkle for her wee wee.

As luck would have it. We already have a special pink potty especially for little dolls like our new baby born. Straight on the potty she went – “Good baby” says Izebella.

After her wee wee. The girls decided that their new doll needed a bath. Now I think this is the only soft bodied doll that I have come across which is suitable for bathing. Any other soft bodied doll would probably be ruined by water, but not this one.

The doll can be bathed in a doll bath or just chucked into the big bath with the owners, as my girls did. I was expecting it to come out heavy and dripping everywhere but no, the water came out of the “wee wee” hole and the doll body felt damp but certainly not sodden or heavy or dripping water everywhere. I think the material must be waterproof as it does not hold the water at all. The doll was pretty much dry again and ready to play with and dress again with half an hour. I just placed her on a warm radiator.

Izebella thought dolly was hungry again after bath!

Well my girls love the new addition. We are all surprised that this one can be bathed despite being soft bodied.

Izebella was very unwell the same night this doll arrived. Her ear was hurting in the night. I gave her the doll for her bed and it seemed to help her sleep a little better. In the morning she was still cuddling it which was very sweet.

My Little Baby Born Bathing fun can be purchased from many toy stores and online at Amazon. Prices vary but usually between Β£10-Β£15 depending on store. It is a very suitable good doll for toddlers and requires no batteries, just a lot of hugs, care and cuddles.


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